ZD Motor Manufactory. is a specialized electrical motor company dedicated to providing you with personalized service with high-quality products. We are committed to working closely with you in every aspect to ensure you receive the optimum product that meets the needs of your application. With a vast array of approximately 7 000 different types of motors, gearboxes, and actuators, our sales and engineering teams are at your company’s disposal twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Further more,ZD Motor Manufactory thrives on the production of customized motors and gearboxes to meet your exact technical specifications.ZD Motor Manufactory has five massive locations in Ningbo, China, they dominate a stretch of land total 67000 m2. Presently there are 45 Electrical Engineers and 147 Mechanical Technicians which make up a portion of their combined 820 employees. With all these assets, there are no limitations to the production power that is available to your company.

Manufacturing capacity per month is:
Micro AC/DC Gear Motor      100 000 units
BLDC Gear Motor                   20 000 units
Small AC Gear Motor              10 000 units
Planetary Gearbox                  10 000 units
ZD Motors has the right machines, assembly lines and warehousing to guarantee ZD’s product quality